OSF Foundation Receives Gift

6/27/2024 - Ottawa, Illinois

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    Donation from NCC Memorial Foundation to assist OSF Hospice and it's patients.

The NCC Memorial Foundation has generously donated $500 to the OSF Foundation to support the needs of OSF Hospice and its patients. This donation honors the memory of Natalie Claire Conrad. "Love Like Natalie," said Natalie’s mother, Jill Conrad. "We are delighted to contribute to OSF Hospice. Natalie's grandfather, Emerson Callaway, needed these 'angels on earth' at the end of his life. They play such a crucial role and assist families of cancer patients through challenging times. Thank you for the love and care you provide to others!"

Colleen Hoelzer, I-80 manager of OSF Hospice, expressed gratitude, saying, "I deeply appreciate the generous donation to support OSF Hospice. This generosity enables us to fulfill our mission of serving with the greatest care and love."

For more information about OSF Hospice services or the OSF Foundation, visit osfhealthcare.org/saint-elizabeth, call the Hospice office at (815) 433-6090, or contact Cherie Reynolds, I-80 Director of Development with the OSF Healthcare Foundation, at (815) 431-5538.




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