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Innovative remote monitoring for chronic conditions

24/7 chronic disease management support with Remote Patient Monitoring by OSF OnCall provides a peace of mind to individuals with chronic conditions by connecting them to additional help they may need to prevent an escalation of symptoms or possible hospital admission.

The Remote Patient Monitoring by OSF OnCall clinical team uses digital applications with flexible engagement options to support individuals with chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart failure or hypertension. The team focuses on evidence-based best practices and safe, quality care to provide excellent outcomes and a five-star experience.

Demonstrated Results

Increased medication adherence

< 15 minutes

Response time for 1,602 quarterly trigger alerts


Quarterly automated touches by text or phone

Clinical Benefits

The Remote Patient Monitoring by OSF OnCall team can help support individuals manage their chronic conditions.

Monitoring of blood pressure

Tracking inhaler utilization

Monitoring of blood glucose levels

Tracking breathing and vital signs

Specialized Care

  • Asthma – Monitors breathing with or without peak flow meter and tracks inhaler utilization
  • Diabetes – Monitors blood glucose levels
  • COPD – Tracks breathing and vital signs to prevent worsening symptoms
  • Heart failure – Monitors heart health through tracking of the breathing, edema, vital signs and weight
  • Hypertension – Tracks blood pressure and hypo/hypertension symptomology

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