Pelvic Floor

Pelvic pain arises from muscle, or other soft tissue imbalances in the pelvic floor.

Physical therapy will address these imbalances. A detailed assessment and partnership with your therapist can bring positive results.

At OSF Rehabilitation, we have specially trained physical therapists who can help determine the cause of the pain. They will work with you to determine your treatment plan.

Who Is It For?

There are a several factors that can contribute to pelvic pain, including (but not limited to):

What Does Pelvic Floor Therapy Involve?

The good news is many cases of pelvic pain can be treated successfully. Some treatment plans may include the following:

  • Biofeedback - a process that allows an individual to monitor the ability to contract or relax a muscle
  • Exercises for the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder (i.e. Kegels)
  • Trigger point and myofascial release techniques
  • Diet modifications
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Physiological quieting techniques