2020 Quality & Safety Annual Report


At OSF HealthCare, you – our patients – are the reason we exist. You demand the very best. Our Mission Partners will accept only excellence when providing your health care.

As an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), we are committed to providing value-based care. Our goal is to do everything possible to avoid hospitalizations and increased costs. Our ACO includes roughly 47,000 Medicare patients being served throughout the Ministry.

Medicare requires an ACO to be measured for quality of service in four categories:

  • Patient and caregiver experience
  • Care coordination and patient safety
  • Clinical care for at-risk population
  • Preventive health

Scores in those categories are rolled into an overall quality score. We are proud to share that, in 2020, OSF HealthCare achieved its highest ACO composite quality score yet – 98.13%, which is considered a very high "A" grade.

OSF HealthCare is committed to providing the same coordinated, high-quality care to all patients.

Quality and Safety Vision

OSF HealthCare Mission Partners serve in a culture of team-based care. They focus on each individual patient within a safe environment to ensure clinical excellence and zero harm.

Our Ministry at work

In practical terms, we saw many highlights in the past year:

  • OSF HealthCare administered more than 100,000 COVID-19 vaccines, including to over 100 patients through OSF HomeCare Services.
  • Despite the pandemic, OSF HealthCare continues to create a culture of 5-star quality. We achieved outstanding performance in:
    • Adult pneumococcal vaccination rates
    • Avoiding hospital admissions for patients with high-risk chronic conditions
    • Cervical cancer screening
    • Childhood immunization rates
    • CMS inpatient safety indicators
    • Colon cancer screening
    • HPV vaccination
  • We developed additional guidelines for treating patients with specific conditions and achieved appropriate use of opioids and antibiotics.

By the Numbers

Numbers reflect compliance percentage as measured in 2020.

+ = average
++ = above average
+++ = significantly above average

Fall Risk Assessment+++


Diabetes Good Control+


Influenza Vaccine+++



Tobacco Screen and Plan+++


Depression Screen+


Depression Non-Remission 12 Months++


Colon Cancer Screening++



Breast Cancer Screening++


Control Hypertension+


Statin for ASCVD++