Why Participate in Clinical Trials?Clinical trials are an important step in the process of making a newly discovered treatment available to the general public. Your participation in a clinical trial can be beneficial to you and society as a whole.Learn More Services for the Research SponsorInterested in sponsoring clinical research devoted to a particular disease, intervention or assessment? The Center for Clinical Investigation and Therapeutics (CCIT) at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center can help!Learn More

Clinical Trials and You

What is a clinical trial?  And how do patients benefit?  Most discoveries of new treatments are the result of laboratory experiments. When researchers are ready to evaluate a new treatment in people, they carefully design clinical trials to test the treatment's effectiveness, its safety, and its side effects. Clinical trials are designed to take the medication or other type of treatment from discovery to approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Clinical Trials Ongoing at OSF

Clinical trials are ongoing at a number of OSF locations.  Studies are grouped by specialty. To learn more, click here. You can also view a list of Frequently Asked Questions about clinical studies and their impact on the world of medicine.

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