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I Sing the Body Electric

Our Children are our Future

Painting of a young girl in a dress walking next to her father with a beer bottle in his hand. "What's More Important" by Alliah Dawson, Bismark-Henning Rossville-Alvin High School The goal of this exciting and innovative health education and prevention program is to help our youth build the strength and confidence necessary to make healthy life choices and to communicate the importance of those choices to their peers and other Vermilion County residents.

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I Sing the Body Electric

Phone: (217) 442-6594

Community Health Program Manager: Stacy Sprague

Email: Stacy.R.Sprague@OSFHealthCare.org

Program Phases

Phase One: Survey

Young male singer holding onto a microphone contemplating. ​ "Always Keep Fighting" by Jessica Jade Foster, Hoopeston Area High School To pinpoint the most prevalent risk factors affecting  health and well-being of today’s youth, Phase One begins with a survey administered to Vermilion County high school students. Based on student responses, a report is produced that includes data, a retrospective analysis of health risks since the first biennial survey in 2002, and our teens’ top health concerns.

Phase Two: Project Development

In this phase, students are challenged to develop creative approaches to combat identified health concerns by utilizing arts (drama, music, creative writing, paintings, sculpture, photography, etc.). Students are offered small grants to assist with purchasing materials for their projects.

Through this creative process, students are empowered by their experience to reach out to others and do something positive with their own lives.

Phase Three: Tours

The health education and prevention art projects are taken on tours to students in grades 5-12 throughout Vermilion County, as well as to community events, health fairs and businesses. The tours allow people to explore the art projects and their messages. Not only do these youth-created messages promote healthy lifestyle choices, they also represent the concern students have for one another and their communities.


National Recognition

Painting of a wrecked automobile. "Life Can End in a Second" by Theresa Jones, Danville High School I Sing the Body Electric has a distinction of being recognized by the Catholic Health Association (CHA) with an Achievement Citation. This national award is presented annually to one outstanding program that exemplifies a ministry’s commitment to carry on Jesus’ mission of compassion and healing.

The distinction is given to a CHA-member organization that is the creator and lead sponsor or partner of a bold, innovative program that delivers measurable results for the community served.

It Takes a Village

I Sing the Body Electric is a true collaborative outreach program made possible by a team of supportive agencies in Vermilion County. Our funding is made possible through OSF HealthCare Sacred Heart Medical Center and generous support from our community.

Our partners include, but are not limited to:


Donate to help us continue to assist area youth. All funds are raised locally and stay in Vermilion County.

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