OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

Rockford, Illinois

Paloma Garcia, PharmD

Pharmacy School
Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy

Career Interest
Currently, I am interested in pursuing a PGY-2 in either health care administration, cardiology or solid organ transplant. With the completely of my PGY-1 residency, I plan to have a better understanding of which path I want to specialize in.

I am also interested in becoming an adjunct professor at a university so that I can continue to give back to the pharmacy profession.

Why OSF?
The residency program at OSF Saint Anthony resonated with my immediate goals and I feel that it will provide me with a strong base for my pharmacy career.

OSF Saint Anthony offers extensive rotations along with the opportunity to complete research and various other projects, which will help me grow as a clinical pharmacist.

Lastly, the team was very welcoming and willing to work with the residents to meet their needs.

Angelique Lintz, PharmD

Pharmacy School
University of Illinois College of Pharmacy (Chicago/Rockford)

Career Interest
Geriatrics, cardiology and general medicine

Why OSF?
I aspire to be a knowledgeable and versatile clinical pharmacist. My experiences with the OSF pharmacists and pharmacy staff have exemplified these attributes and exceeded my expectations.

I want to start my career with a high quality education. I know that OSF offers this through their PGY1 residency. I am excited to learn from the many pharmacists who have already been great mentors to me.

Through the many learning opportunities in geriatrics, oncology, cardiology,  and infectious disease, I will be trained by outstanding pharmacists who exhibit the qualities I desire for myself.

I especially look forward to the opportunity to work with pharmacy students.

One of my future goals is to work in academia and these experiences will position me to be a better teacher and mentor.

I am excited to be a PGY1 resident at OSF as I increase my knowledge and skills to provide excellent pharmaceutical care.<o:p></o:p>