OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

Rockford, Illinois

Social Workers

Case managers at OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony Medical Center assist patients and families throughout their stay at the hospital. We seek to care for the whole patient – physically, emotionally and spiritually – as well as providing information and support to families during this challenging time.

Serving with the Greatest Care and Love

OSF Saint Anthony Burn Unit Social Worker with female pediatric patient and mother Soon after admission, the case manager completes a comprehensive psycho-social assessment of the patient to identify their needs and goals. The case manager identifies the patient’s living situation and social supports, as well as the impact illness or injury will have. The case manager meets daily with the interdisciplinary trauma/burn team, participating as patient advocate and working with the team to identify safe, appropriate discharge/transition recommendations.

Once discharge/transition recommendations are established, case managers discuss appropriate options with patients and families, given patient’s condition, prognosis and insurance coverage. Once patients/families choose from lists of appropriate providers, the case manager will make and follow-up on referrals from the burn unit to the next level of care. The case manager can also provide information on community resources for the patient’s home area.