OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

Rockford, Illinois

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

OSF Saint Anthony Outpatient Rehabilitation Services includes a skilled team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists and speech-language pathologists. They work closely with patients and families in an atmosphere of dignity and respect to provide the best possible outcomes. Together, our team approaches patient care by focusing on the individual and restoring function and hope.

Who Is It For?

Whether you were injured in sports, are experiencing neck or back pain or are dealing with a neurological injury such as stroke, we have the certified and skilled experts who can help.

Physical therapists address gait, balance, strength and other problems with movement. They meet with patients if special equipment is needed to help with walking or moving.

Occupational therapists deal with arm function, daily living and self-care skills, and they assess whether or not you might need adaptive equipment.

Massage Therapists help relieve muscle tension, fatigue and soreness. Their methods can be effective in improving blood flow, reducing stress, improving mobility and increasing overall relaxation.

Speech-language pathologists help with speech and swallowing problems. They offer strategies for improving thinking processes, self-expression and memory.

Services Offered

  • Balance and Dizziness Center
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
  • Industrial Rehabilitation
  • Lymphedema Management
  • Massage Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Underwater Treadmill Therapy – “Water Walking”

Preparing for Your Therapy

A referral from your physician for outpatient rehabilitation services is recommended. Please have your doctor fill out the form below and bring the form with you to your appointment.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Referral Form (PDF - 31.9 KB)

The length or duration of your therapy will depend on the type of therapy you need and your progress.


To schedule appointments for for more information on how to access any of our Rehabilitation Services, contact:

OSF Saint Anthony Rehabilitation Services

OSF Center for Health, 5510 East State St.

Rockford, IL 61108

(815) 395-4505