OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

Rockford, Illinois

Non-Surgical Weight Loss with HMR

OSF Weight Management Center's partnership with Health Management Resources (HMR®) allows you to choose from several non-surgical weight loss options. The HMR Program focuses on the same healthy lifestyle changes that research shows is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off. 

As the leading provider of diet programs to the medical community, HMR has helped more than one million people make lifestyle changes to lose weight and be healthy.

What makes OSF Weight Management different?

We are committed health care professionals able to treat even the most medically complicated patients as well as those wanting to lose weight on their own. The HMR Program for Weight Management™ gives you the weight loss results you want, and the medical outcomes you need.

Check out this infographic to help you determine which HMR option is best for you and your wallet.

Getting Started

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  1. Attend a FREE one-hour HMR Orientation. This orientation is non-committal and includes information on program choices and costs.
  2. After you enroll in the program, we will schedule an appointment for you with the nurse or doctor.

HMR phase one classes are 13 weeks long and involve education and problem solving through group discussion. HMR phase I may be repeated. It includes exercise consultations and nutrition consultations which are conducted by a licensed dietician.

HMR phase two will teach liefstyle skills to help achieve weight loss. Phase two is recommended for six months.