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Listen in each month as the health care professionals from OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony's Health Center keep you up-to-date on what's happening at OSF Saint Anthony's and in the world of medicine.

OSF PrompCare and Primary Care

Date:  2/28/2018

Brandon Frizzo, manager of OSF PromptCare in Godfrey, give an update of the area's newest health care facility and how to know when to go use an urgent care facility or go to the emergency room.

Home Care and Hospice Services

Date:  1/31/2018

Chris Kamp, Manager, and Michelle Davis, Clinical Supervisor, of OSF HealthCare Home Care Services, share information about clinical services and how to get services provided in the home. Information is shared on both, home care and hospice care.


Relax and Enjoy the Holidays!

Date:  12/19/2017

It's the holidays and time to enjoy faith, family, and friends. But this busy season is also a time when many people suffer from stress. Hear what you can do to enjoy and relax during the holidays with Mike Homan, LCSW, OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony's Psychological Services.


OSF Rehabilitation Offering New Therapy Services

Date: 11/29/2017

OSF Rehabilitation Services are transforming to better serve the community!  Hear from Kelly Bogowith, Lead Physical Therapist and Rachel Williams, Speech Therapist, about new therapies for Concussions and Pelvic Floor dysfunction.

Transforming Health Care in Alton Update

Date:  10/25/2017

An update on OSF Saint Anthony's and the transformation of health care in Alton.  Listen in to hear the latest from leaders of OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony's Health Center.

Screening for Depression

Date:  9/27/2017

Mike Homan, LCSW, talks about what to look for and how to help, if you suspect someone you know is suffering from Depression.


Childhood Obesity

Date:  8/30/2017

The topic of Childhood Obesity is addressed by OSF HealthCare Medical Group pediatrician, Dr. Ameera Nauman, and Elizabeth Schmerold, FNP-BC. Listen in to learn more about this topic affecting many families.

Men's Health Month

Date: 6/28/2017

Men's Health Month is the featured topic with Eminajulo Adekoya, MD, urology, sharing health updates on the importance of prostate screening exams.

Stroke Awareness

Date: 5/31/2017

Frances Young, Manager of Therapies (left), and Kivi Clark, RN, Charge Nurse, Emergency Department, share the risk factors and signs of stroke, and how therapeutic rehabilitation can help restore function and hope.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Date:  4/26/2017

Mike Homan, LCSW, OSF Saint Anthony's Psychological Services shares upcoming activities creating awareness of mental health disorders, and the importance of sharing mental health concerns with your health care provider.

Transforming Health Care in Alton

Date:  03/29/2017

Leaders of OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center, (from right) Ajay Pathak, President & CEO, and Dr. Cliff Martin, VP OSF Medical Group, continue discussions of the recently announced plans to improve access and provide quality health care to patients in a setting close to home.

Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Date: 02/22/2017

The low-dose CT Lung Cancer Screening program was developed to promote early detection and treatment of lung cancer to improve survival rates. Listen in to hear Dr. Nadeem Ahmed, Pulmonology, and Kelly Keenan, Pulomonology Navigator talk about the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and how the low-dose screening program can benefit high-risk individuals.

Controlling Your Risk for Heart Disease for a Lifetime of Good Health

Date: 01/25/2017

February is American Heart Month! Learn about the risks for heart disease, and why lifestyle changes are important to lowering your risk. Guest speakers: Elaine Rynders, PA-C (OSF Saint Anthony's Physician Group), Kelly Keenan (Cardiology Patient Navigator), and Amber Cearlock (Vascular Technician, Cardiac Catheterization Services).  Listen in!

Freshstart® Smoking Cessation Program

Date: 12/19/2016

Trained facilitator, Flavia Martinez, (pictured right) and OSF Saint Anthony's Physician Group nurse supervisor, Christy Brackman, talk about the negative effects of smoking, and how the Freshstart program, designed by the American Cancer Society, is a good model to help those who are considering going smokefree!

Keeping Healthy Through the Holidays with Nutrition and Exercise

Date:  11/30/2016

Listen in as Registered Dietitian, Carol Sievers, and Occupational Therapist, Frances Young, help get you healthfully through the holidays with tips on nutrition and fitness!

Lung Health and the Great American Smokeout

Date: 10/26/2016

Clinicians from OSF Saint Anthony's talk about the 2016 Great American Smokeout and how quitting smoking can improve your lung health. You'll hear from (l to r), Kelly Keenen (Pulmonary Navigator), Jill Emmons (Oncology Navigator), and Flavia Martinez (Oncology - Smoking Cessation) on the benefit for your lungs when stopping smoking.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016

Date:  9/28/2016

A discussion of what women need to know about mammogram testing and surviving a breast cancer diagnosis with OSF Saint Anthony's clinicians Heather Jones, Breast Health Navigator, and Christine Tepen, Mammography Technician. You'll also hear about upcoming educational and promotional PinkTober activities!

How Cholesterol Affects Your Heart

Date:  8/31/2016

September is National Cholesterol Education Month and a good time to talk about maintaining healthy cholesterol levels!  Hear Carol Sievers, Registered Dietitian, and Amber Cearlock, Vascular Technician-Cardiology Services, share their expertise.

Nursing Opportunities: The RN Experience at OSF HealthCare

Date:  07/27/2016

Learn about new RN openings, and the opportunities available to nurses at OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center from Nurse Recruiter, Marli Nixon, and Manager of Med/Surg, Anessa Emmons,

The Changing Landscape of Health Care

Date:  06/29/2016

Listen in as Dr. Ed Blair, Internal Medicine Physician, and Dr. Clifford Martin, VP OSF Saint Anthony's Physician Group, take a look at health care in the River Bend. You'll also hear from Dr. Blair about his upcoming retirement after 36 years of practicing medicine with Saint Anthony's Health Center.

Stroke Month Updates: How to Recognize, How to React, and Therapies for Recovery

Date:  05/25/2016

In this segment, OSF Saint Anthony's Clinical Educator, Laura Fowler, explains stroke and stroke symptoms, and what to do if you or a loved one has a stroke. Holly Visconti, Certified Occupational Therapist, discusses post-stroke therapies and treatments.


Cancer Treatment Close to Home

Date:  04/27/2016

Listen in as (left to right) Angela Knight, Manager of Oncology Services; Jill Emmons, Patient Navigator; and Wei Lin, M.D., Oncologist and Hematologist, talk about getting a cancer diagnosis, and why there's no need to travel away from home for excellence in cancer care.

Hospice Volunteers Making a Difference!

Date:  03/30/2016

Ricki Shutta, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, says there is a great need for special people who are willing to volunteer precious time with the dying.

Keeping Your Colon Healthy for Life

Date:  02/24/2016

Listen in as Shona Quick, FNP-BC, tells why it's important to talk about colon health and provides practical tips for prevention of colon disease.

Learn Heart Healthy Living with Heart Month

Date:  01/27/2016

Laura Fowler, BSN, RN, EMTP, Critical Care Educator, and Greg Schmittling, Cardiology Services Manager, discuss the importance of a heart healthy lifestyle and share upcoming Heart Month activities!

Coping with Holiday Stress

Date:  12/23/2015

Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Kren Harmon and Stacy Spencer, identify holiday stress triggers and talk about ways to cope and enjoy your holidays.

Heart Healthy Holidays

Date:  11/18/2015

Amber Cearlock, vascular technician with OSF Saint Anthony's Cardiology Services, shares heart care tips to help keep your heart healthy through the holidays.

Great American Smokeout

Date:  10/28/2015

Vince Gibbs, Respiratory Therapist, and Carol Sievers, Registered Dietitian, talk about the benefits of quitting smoking, and how the upcoming Great American Smokeout can help; along with nutritionally healthy ways to cope with stress.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Date:  09/30/2015

Heather Jones, Patient Navigator, and Christine Tepen, Mammography, talk about the importance of mammography and proper breast health.  Lee McRaven from OSF Saint Anthony's Foundation is also featured, talking about October Breast Health Awareness activities in the community.


Volunteer Opportunities

Date:  08/26/2015

Ricki Shutta, Volunteer Coordinator for OSF Hospice, and Cherie Schmidt, Volunteer Coordinator for OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center share the benefits of volunteering and OSF volunteer opportunities.

Lung Health

Date:  07/29/2015

Tammy Stilwell, Outreach Coordinator (at left), and Jill Emmons, Clinical Supervisor of Oncology Services, were featured on WBGZ Radio (1570 AM, 94.3 FM), focusing on lung health.

Summer Health Tips

Date: 06/22/2015
Nikki Brunaugh, R.N., Director of Emergency Services, shares updates on the Emergency Department at OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center, as well as some safety tips for summer.

Colonoscopies and Keeping Your Colon Healthy

Date: 04/17/2015
Shona Quick, FNP-BC, talks about the importance of colonoscopies and shares tips to keep your colon healthy.


Mental Health and Upcoming Training Program

Date: 02/26/2015
Shannon Walker, Ph.D, (at left) Clinical Psychologist, and Connie McDonald, Marketing Manager at CenterPointe Hospital, discuss mental health and the upcoming training program for clinicians in March.


Heart Awareness and Preventing Stroke

Date: 01/28/2015
(From left) Michelle Lovesy, Laura Fowler, and Tina Bennett talk about heart health, stroke awareness and the effects of smoking on your heart.