OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center

Alton, Illinois

Speak Up for Your Health

Everyone has a role in making health care safe. This includes physicians, health-care executives, nurses and technicians. You, as the patient, can also make your care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of your health-care team. 

  • Speak up if you have questions or concerns, and if you don't understand, ask again. It's your body and you have a right to know. 
  • Pay attention to the care you are receiving. Make sure you're getting the right treatments and medications by the right health care professionals. Don't assume anything. 
  • Educate yourself about your illness. Learn about the medical tests you are receiving, and your treatment plan. 
  • Ask a trusted family member or friend to be your advocate. 
  • Know what medications you take and why you take them. Medication errors are the most common healthcare mistakes. 
  • Use a hospital, clinic, surgery center, or other type of health care organization that been carefully checked out. For example, the Joint Commission visits hospitals to evaluate if the hospital meets their quality standards. 
  • Participate in all decisions about your treatment. You are the center of the health-care team.

Courtesy of The Joint Commission