OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center

Alton, Illinois

Chemotherapy Services

OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony's Health Center provides chemotherapy services at the OSF Moeller Cancer Center, located at 2200 Central St., Alton, Illinois.

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs carried through the bloodstream in an effort to kill cancer cells. Throughout treatment, a patient may receive one drug or several drugs in combination. Hormone treatments may also be used with certain types of cancer to help control or reverse the growth of cancer cells.

The main focus of a treatment plan is to destroy the maximum number of cancer cells. Most of the treatments work by damaging the cells' ability to divide, and some of the drugs kill cells in specific phases of their cycle.

Chemotherapy drugs are very precise. They are highly specific to the type of cancer being treated and to the individual receiving care. Some drugs may be in tablet form and can be taken orally. Other drugs are injected into the tissues, much like immunizations. Most chemotherapy drugs, however, are infused into a vein through an IV.

For more information about Chemotherapy Services, please call (618) 474-4855.