OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center

Alton, Illinois

Emotional Support Services

Patients receiving care from our Cancer Center of Excellence, participate in conferences with physicians and receive education and counseling from trained oncology nurses during their course of treatment. Our caring and trained social workers, and pastoral care staff are also available to answer questions about coping with cancer.

Patient Navigator

Our Patient Navigator is a healthcare professional who is available to guide you and your family through the entire process of diagnosis and treatment.

Care Management

Social workers offer support and resource information to patients and families during the many phases of cancer care. They help with the stresses of cancer diagnosis, treatment rehabilitation, survival and terminal illness.

Pastoral Care

OSF Saint Anthony's Pastoral Care services are available for you and your family at any time of need. Call the main health center phone number at (618) 465-2571 and ask the operator page the Pastoral Care Staff.