OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center

Alton, Illinois

Emergency Stroke Intervention  

During a stroke, time lost is brain lost.  Immediate, effective medical attention is critical.  Find it at OSF Saint Anthony's Emergency Center and Advanced Primary Stroke Center.

  • Code Stroke standards that get results within minutes of patient arrival
  • Teleneurology that instantly connects the incoming patient to a board certified neurologist via telemedicine…24/7/365 
  • Recognition as an Advanced Primary Stroke Center
  • Acute and Extended Care Rehabilitation Facilities to meet the total needs of stroke patients

Seconds Matter, When it's a Stroke. Think F.A.S.T. 

By learning the signs of a stroke, you can make a difference in how quickly you or a loved one can receive vital medical attention. Just think F.A.S.T. Should any of these symptoms occur, go to OSF Saint Anthony’s Emergency Center immediately or call 9-1-1. Even if the signs appear to go away.