OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center

Alton, IL

OSF Saint Anthony's Women's Pavilion  

Providing families in Alton, Illinois and the surrounding communities, with the latest in obstetric technology, along with the warmth of a comforting and caring, family-centered environment.

Because you are so special to us, we want to help make you feel comfortable about your upcoming hospital stay. With a staff dedicated to providing state-of-the-art obstetrics care, we strive to make your birthing experience the experience of a lifetime.

Natural childbirth and anesthesia choices are available and supported.  If a cesarean section becomes necessary, it is performed in our own OB operating room, by our experienced staff. We are committed to remaining as flexible as possible — OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center - Birthing Room (View 1) so we can meet your every need. Our birthing rooms are designed with all the comforts of home, including a relaxing jacuzzi bath.

Your comfort and safe delivery are our priority. So not only are our birthing suites beautifully decorated, they include all the necessary equipment for safe, normal delivery. 

LDRP's (Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum) allow families to have their birthing experience exclusively in one suite, providing a baby-friendly environment. Rooming-in is supported, and babies are placed skin-to-skin at birth to enhance bonding.

Visiting Hours 

We’ve come up with a short list of guidelines for the benefit of your new baby, as well as yourself:

  • Many mothers prefer to have someone with them for support during labor. It is best for mom, however, if only one or two people visit at this time. New moms and babies are delicate.
  • Please be sure your visitors are in good health when they visit. If they have a temperature, infection or have been exposed to a contagious disease, it is better if they wait and visit when they are well. Your nurse can assist you if you do not feel comfortable enforcing visiting hours with your family and friends.
  • Fathers are welcome anytime. Additional visitors, including grandparents and siblings, are welcome after 9 a.m. Since baby needs mom’s full attention, siblings under 12 should always be attended by another adult.

Phone Calls

Calling friends and family with news of your baby’s arrival is fun and can give your morale a real boost. Incoming calls at odd hours, however, can be disruptive. It is best for family and friends to call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Rooms may be reached by calling the main hospital number: (618) 465-2571. 

Our Family of Baby Experts   

You can rest assured you will be well-cared for during your hospital stay. Maternity privileges at OSF Saint Anthony’s have been granted to experienced obstetricians in the Alton area. And our nurses have been specially selected for their enthusiasm, as well as their expertise. This dedicated team provides input and guidance into the continual growth of the Women’s Pavilion. That is why you will see a delivery room equipped with the latest in technology and necessary equipment, such as computerized monitoring equipment and a state-of-the-art nursery.