Seconds matter, when it’s a stroke. Think F.A.S.T.*

By learning the signs of a stroke, you can make a difference in how quickly you or loved one can receive vital medical attention. Just think F.A.S.T. Should any of these symptoms occur, go to the OSF Saint Anthony’s Emergency Center immediately or call 911. Even if the signs appear to go away.

When seconds matter, it matters who you trust.

Immediate-response standards. Innovative communication systems. Leading-edge technology. A collaborative knowledge-sharing network of experts standing at the ready, bringing timely, effective care to patients at OSF Saint Anthony’s. 24/7/365. These and the facts below are just some of the reasons why thousands trust OSF Saint Anthony’s for emergency care. Because it matters.

The Elements of Trust
Code Stroke Standards

Notified by Emergency Medical Technicians of a possible stroke patient, the CT room is cleared for direct emergency transport to CT. Results are relayed to the physicians within minutes of arrival.

Board Certified Neurologist

We are privileged to have Karna Sherwood, MD, board certified in neurology, on our neurology team.

Find a Physician


Available in only 26 states across the U.S., Saint Anthony’s was the first hospital in Illinois to offer this service. Teleneurology provides our Emergency Center immediate access 24/7/365 to one of 50 board-certified, fellowship-trained neurologists via video conferencing. Within minutes of arrival, emergency neurologists have direct access to patients for observation, assessment and consultation. This service has earned OSF Saint Anthony’s The Joint Commission’s Gold Star Approval.

MidAmerica Stroke Network Affiliation

The MSNA enables collaborative access to a system of hospitals that shares knowledge, education opportunities and technologies in order to provide the highest level of stroke care.

Rehabilitation Programs

Located at OSF Saint Clare’s Hospital in Alton, OSF Saint Anthony’s Rehabilitation Unit and Extended Care Facility provide rehabilitation programs to ensure our stroke patients are enabled to resume life to the fullest of their abilities.

If this is an emergency, dial 911.
For more in-depth information, please visit our Emergency Services page or call our emergency department 24 hours a day:

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