When Seconds Matter...

During medical emergencies, time is crucial. For your peace of mind it’s good to know that in the entire region, no one has faster response times than OSF Saint Anthony’s Emergency Center.
Rapid care, administered with a depth of expertise and skill, is what every patient wants and needs when seeking emergency treatment. And it's why so many choose OSF Saint Anthony’s as their go-to, trusted team when seconds matter.

Cheryl's Story

While driving to her daughter’s house to babysit her grandson, Cheryl’s heart stopped. Five days later, she awoke out of a coma. Today, Cheryl is living as full a life as ever. Hear her gripping story and the part OSF Saint Anthony’s Emergency Center and Cardiac Teams played in her triumphant survival.

The Elements of Trust

Rapid response standards. Astounding technology. The healing nature of compassion. These are just some of the reasons why OSF Saint Anthony’s is the region’s trusted destination for emergency treatment. Discover more below and on our pages dedicated to Cardiac and Stroke.

High Patient Satisfaction

Satisfaction continues to soar as patients experience emergency response times that lead in national and statewide averages. Compared to statewide averages, OSF Saint Anthony’s is ranked 72% faster for an EKG assessment of cardiac conditions; compared to local averages, 57% faster for the time spent before being seen by a health care provider.†

OSF Saint Anthony’s Physician Group

Serving the OSF Saint Anthony’s Emergency Center is the OSF Saint Anthony’s Physician Group. As the largest locally based physician group in Alton, it is comprised of local, full-time, specialty trained physicians in Neurology, Pulmonology, Urology and Surgery.

Our Emergency Team Leaders:

Rodger Hanko, MD
Dr. Hanko heads up a team of emergency room physicians and advanced practice clinicians in delivering quality care, focusing on each patient's unique health concerns. Improved and quick access for patients, advanced telemetry system and innovative Teleneurology services are key components of OSF Saint Anthony's Emergency Center.

Traci Bromaghim, RN
Traci Bromaghim is our newly appointed Manager of OSF Saint Anthony's Emergency Center. With over 12 years of Emergency Care experience that include emergency case management, Traci lives our mission. In her words, “Here at OSF Saint Anthony's, there is such strong focus on patient centered care. The patient, along with their experience while in our care, is our primary concern. Patients are not just a number to us."

If this is an emergency, dial 911.
For more in-depth information, please visit our Emergency Services page or call our emergency department 24 hours a day:

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† Source: Medicare.gov/HospitalCompare