OSF Saint Clare Medical Center

Princeton, Illinois

Gold Coats

“Gold Coats” Make a Difference for Visitors and Staff

New volunteers are always welcome.

Do you enjoy walking in a climate-controlled environment, meeting new people and providing a helpful hand to others? Whether you prefer lots of exercise or a stationary job, want to socialize or prefer to work alone, we have room for you in our family of caregivers. On the day of volunteering, Gold Coats may enjoy a free meal in our Park Avenue Café. 

The pay may not be great… but the smiles and the “Thank You” that you receive from everyone make your experience a lot of fun!

Gold Coats Provide the Following Services:

  • Welcome patients and visitors to Perry
  • Provide information and directions to patients and visitors
  • Assist patients in wheelchairs
  • Deliver mail between departments
  • Transport specimens to the laboratory
  • Deliver packages and mail to inpatients
  • Special requests: putting together packets of information, making copies and stuffing envelopes


Become a GOLD COAT Volunteer!

For more information or to get started as a Gold Coat volunteer, contact

Brenda Streit
Volunteer Coordinator
(815) 876-2254