OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center

Ottawa, Illinois



Our cardiovascular services team of skilled and experienced health care professionals provide expert and personalized care.

We partner with OSF HealthCare Cardvioscular Institute  to bring the most advanced cardiovascular diagnostics and treatments to patients in the region. We are recognized nationally for our quality of care.  Not only are our physicians at the forefront of cardiovascular care and treatment, they are also the teachers of tomorrow's leaders in heart medicine.

In addition, we offer a congenital heart clinic in conjunction with OSF HealthCare Children's Hospital of Illinois.

About OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute

OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute is the largest, most advanced and experienced cardiovascular group in the heart of Illinois.

Formerly HeartCare Midwest, the OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute provides patients with the best in clinical practices and technology. The physicians and professional staff provide compassionate care focused on our patients' personal needs.

The OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute has been involved in more than 120 clinical trials and is affiliated with the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria. These research and teaching connections assure our patients will have access to some of the latest trends and new developments in cardiovascular procedures and treatments.

Ongoing communication and support for our referring physicians provides a smooth transition for our patients. OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute provides easy access to services by maintaining an office in Ottawa at OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center.

Meet the OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute Doctors