OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center

Ottawa, Illinois

Specialty Services

When your needs fall beyond the scope of a doctor's appointment or a hospital stay, your physician may enlist the help of a specialty service. Offered on an outpatient basis, our list of services is extensive and includes minor procedures, diagnostic testing and additional clinical care.

Outpatient Services at OSF Saint Elizabeth

Offered within the hospital's outpatient department, we host clinics for a wide range of specialties such as:

  • Pain management
  • Gastrointestinal services (including colonoscopy, PEG feeding tube placement and more)
  • Laser eye procedures (retinal lasers and procedures for glaucoma and cataracts)

In addition a variety of clinical care is offered including:

  • Diabetic/hepatitis/self-injection teaching
  • Holter monitoring
  • 30-day event monitoring
  • Infusion and transfusion therapy
  • Blood draws from venous access devices (VADS)
  • Radiology observation
  • Catheter placement/removal
  • IV placement

Equipped with the latest state-of-the art equipment, our outpatient department also schedules bladder scans, BCG installation, EEG's, stress tests (regular and pharmacological), ESI's, Caudal injections, angiograms, PICC line insertions, circumcisions, phlebotomies, and more.  For information about outpatient services, call (815) 431-5301.

Additional Outpatient Clinics

Aside from the vast array of services offered within the hospital's outpatient department, there are a number of specialty clinics located elsewhere on the OSF Saint Elizabeth campus:

  • Adult cardiology / vascular clinics, please click here
  • Nephrology (see link above left)
  • Pulmonology clinic, please click here
  • Rheumatology (see link above left)
  • Wound care (see link above left)