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Peoria, Illinois

About Radiography


Radiography is a rewarding career that combines patient care with modern medical technology. Radiography is the allied health profession that uses “x-rays” to produce images of the human body. The profession of radiography requires Radiographers to provide quality and compassionate care to the patient, and utilize technical skills to manipulate X-ray equipment and administer radiation.

Radiographers are expected to perform the following duties:

  • Provide compassionate care and interact with patients in order to educate and gather relevant clinical data.
  • Assess the patient condition and utilize critical thinking to alter procedures as necessary to adapt to different patient situations.
  • Perform X-ray examinations on patients by positioning the patient as well as imaging equipment and adjusting controls to produce quality images
  • Observe radiation safety and protection practices for patient, self and others.
  • Produce high quality images for physician interpretation.
  • Assist the radiologist in the performance of fluoroscopic , invasive, and surgical procedures.

The radiographer is an essential member of the healthcare team who helps diagnose injury and disease.  Radiographers work in a variety of settings including medical centers, diagnostic imaging centers, physician offices, clinics and orthopedic practices. Radiography serves as the background for further specialization in the medical imaging modalities.  Graduates may advance into more specialized areas of Nuclear Medicine, Computed Tomography, Sonography, Angiography, Radiation Oncology, Mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Education, and Administration.

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