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Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology is a therapy using radiation to kill or control cancer cells in the body. Radiation works by damaging the DNA of malignant cells, leading to cell death.

It is offered as a part of recommended cancer therapy for most diagnoses, depending on the stage and the location of the lesion in the body. Radiation therapy may also be recommended for a number of non-cancer conditions, including trigeminal neuralgia, acoustic neuroma,  prevention of keloid scars,  and as a component of orthopedic procedures. 

One concern for patients undergoing radiation therapy is the side effects from exposure to radiation. Specialized techniques have been developed to shape the radiation dose delivered and to protect normal healthy tissues, even if close to the cancer lesion. 

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is pleased to offer the most comprehensive set of radiation therapy options and techniques to patients in downstate Illinois. Advanced treatment options may offer opportunities to spare patients from more severe side effects and have improved quality of life after their cancer. 

Choosing a Provider

We encourage patients choosing a radiation oncology provider to consider the experience and technical sophistication. 

Our providers and staff are committed to offer treatments to patients that can provide the best outcomes from therapy with the lowest side effects. 

In support of this, the Radiation Oncology department at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center has been the first to offer a number of advanced services in the downstate Illinois region.

  • 1990 - First High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy interstitial treatment in downstate Illinois
  • 1991 – First Radiosurgery treatment in downstate Illinois
  • 2001 – First Gamma Knife treatment in downstate Illinois
  • 2005 – Trilogy Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy first offered
  • 2008 – First Gamma Knife Perfexion treatment in downstate Illinois
  • 2013 – First treatment with High-Definition Multi-Leaf Collimator in downstate Illinois

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