OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

OSF Cardiac Network

shutterstock_177774740.jpg Founded in 1989 as the Cardiac Emergency Network, the network was originally developed as a means to supply community based hospitals in the region with a new drug therapy. By supplying these member hospitals with this new drug treatment and training, the success rate of stabilizing patients with life threatening heart problems increased. These patients could be stabilized and then transferred to a facility for more advanced cardiac procedures. The network evolved into the OSF Cardiac Network, which now focuses on the continual education of the community-based hospitals, staff and physicians.

Goals of the OSF Cardiac Network

  • Provide patients with leading edge cardiac care
  • Foster collaborative relationships and communication
  • Facilitate transportation of patients if necessary
  • Provide education of physicians and health care teams in state-of-the-art cardiovascular services
  • Support physicians with rapid access to cardiac consultants through a centralized toll-free system number
  • Promote return of patients to referring physicians
  • Provide support services for patients and families
  • Provide and/or assist with community education programs to emphasize the regional hospital and their role within the OSF Cardiac Network
  • Provide case review with member physicians and cardiac consultants
Member Hospital Location Phone
Graham Hospital Canton, IL 309-647-5240
Illinois Valley Community Hospital Peru, IL 815-223-5544
Mason District Hospital Havana, IL 309-543-4431
McDonough District Hospital Macomb, IL 309-833-4101
Memorial Hospital Carthage, IL 217-357-3131
Mendota Community Hospital Mendota, IL 217-357-3131
Mercer County Hospital Aledo, IL 309-582-5301
OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center Ottawa, IL 815-433-3100
OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center Pontiac, IL 815-842-2828
OSF Saint Luke Medical Center Kewanee, IL 309-852-7500
OSF St. Mary Medical Center Galesburg, IL 309-344-3161
Pekin Hospital Pekin, IL 309-347-1151
Perry Memorial Princeton, IL 815-875-2811
St. Margaret's Hospital Spring Valley, IL 815-664-5311