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Peoria, Illinois

Breast Imaging

Types of Breast Imaging

Screening Mammogram:

breast-imaging.jpg Exam for women with NO breast symptoms or concerns, and NO areas for which follow up imaging was recommended  by a radiologist. This exam typically consists of 2 pictures of each breast.

Its purpose: To screen for early signs of small breast cancers before they can be felt or present visible change to the breast. Early detection of breast cancer remains the best protection.

Diagnostic Mammogram:

Exam for women with breast symptoms, concerns, or areas for which follow up imaging was recommended by a radiologist Its purpose: To diagnose breast tissue, especially areas of interest, through special imaging. Breast Ultrasound: Ultrasonic sound waves directed by the radiologist over specific area(s) of breast tissue.

Its purpose: To look closely at certain areas seen on a mammogram or to evaluate clinical symptoms.

3D Mammogram (breast tomosynthesis):

Your screening or diagnostic mammogram may be done along with additional 3D imaging.

Its purpose: To produce slice by slice images of your breast tissue, allowing the radiologist to look at your tissue much like pages of a book. This is helpful to the radiologist when viewing dense breast tissue, which can hide early breast cancer, or other concerning risk factors. It very helpful in women who are having their first mammogram or who typically get called back for more imaging following a screening mammogram.

Know your breast density: Dense breast tissue has been identified as a risk factor for breast cancer. Your most recent mammogram report will tell your physician if you have dense breast tissue.

Whole Breast Ultrasound:

Ultrasonic sound waves directed to look at all breast tissue.

Its purpose: To look at all breast tissue for signs of breast cancer that may not be identified on mammography alone. This imaging is helpful in women with dense tissue, which can hide breast cancer.

How to Prepare for Your Mammogram

  • If you have had mammograms from another facility, please contact that facility to request your images and exam reports be sent to Susan G. Komen Breast Center, 8800 N. Route 91, Peoria, 61615. If not enough time for mailing, then bring them with you to the exam. It is important to have your past images. The slightest change in breast tissue over time, discovered by comparing past images to new images, will be looked at to rule out a very early breast cancer.
  • You will undress from the waist up and put on a gown. Consider wearing a 2-piece outfit.
  • Do not wear deodorant, lotion, perfume, or talcum powder on breasts or under arms.