OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Patient Success Stories

Susan Fulton

For Susan, she knew it was time to lose weight when she had trouble buckling her seatbelt and was not able to do many of the other activities she enjoyed. Learn how her life has changed since having weight loss surgery.


Meickle Oswald

Weighing nearly 400 pounds, doctors told Meickle she would be dead within five years if she did not lose weight.  Learn how she came to the decision to have weight loss surgery and how her life has changed .


Charlotte Cramer

charlotte-cramer.jpg In June 2009, Charlotte Cramer visited Hawaii, where she hiked and snorkeled with her husband and daughters. It was a high point for the Hudson woman who, at her peak weight of 303 pounds, found it difficult just to walk down the street.

Cramer had weight-loss surgery at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in August 2008. The results were dramatic. Since then, Cramer has lost 130 pounds. She is healthier today than she's ever been.


"The surgery and lifestyle changes I've made are the most phenomenal things I've ever done for myself."