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OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
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OSF Center for Health - Route 91
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8800 North State Rt. 91
Peoria, IL 61615
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*not affiliated with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure or the Peoria Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

OSF Center for Health – Morton
435 Maxine Dr
Morton, IL 61550
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OSF Saint Clare Family Health Center
10 Saint Clare Court
Washington, IL 61571
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Are you a women age 40 or over?

Are you a women age 40 or over?  Making a yearly mammogram part of your routine can catch cancer at a very early stage and save your life.  At OSF Saint Francis Centers for Breast Health have access to the latest screening and diagnostic technology. We are an accredited leader in breast health dedicated to saving lives.

Why Come to the OSF Centers for Breast Health?

We strive for an exceptional patient experience. Following are many of the key factors that we hope play an important part in benefiting our patients: 

Correct scheduling – Our dedicated, specialized schedulers assure our patients are scheduled appropriately and accurately so they arrive with correct exams scheduled and correct orders. The result is an efficient exam time with appropriate resources.
Friendly, skilled staff – Our Mammography Technologists have obtained advanced certification in breast imaging. They utilize their warm, compassionate, friendly natures along with excellent positioning skills to help patients relax for positioning to allow for optimal imaging of the entire breast.
Dedicated physicians – Our radiologists specialize in breast imaging, with special training and expertise in the early detection of breast cancer; and they have the compassion and knowledge to discuss image findings and concerns with our patients.
Support system – Our nurse navigators create supportive and educational relationships with each patient diagnosed with breast cancer to help them along their path of treatment and care. They also provide community wide support/educational/outreach programs.
Best technology – We offer the community state-of-the-art technology for optimal safety and quality of care, along with the opportunities to become involved in local and national breast cancer research activities.

Get the screening that's right for you

Many women call and schedule themselves for their yearly mammogram. Follow these tips to make sure you are scheduling the test that's right for you. 

  1. If you are currently having breast pain, have felt a lump or are having leakage, it is very important that you tell the scheduler. 
  2. If you are often called in for a second look following your mammogram, you may have dense breast tissue. 3D mammography may be the best option for you. Read more about 3D mammography , talk to your doctor and when scheduling your mammogram tell the scheduler if you want a 3D mammogram.