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Breast Health Facts

Anatomy of the Breast

Understanding the anatomy of the breast can help you better talk to your health care provider about breast health. 
Learn about the Anatomy of the Breast

Breast Self Exam Information 

It is important to remember to do a careful monthly breast self exam in conjunction with having a yearly mammogram as part of your healthy lifestyle.  
How to do a Breast Self Exam

Screening Guidelines

One in eight women living in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.   Early detection is key.  If cancer is detected before it has spread to the lymph nodes, the chance for a cure is nearly 100%. OSF Saint Francis breast cancer experts agree with the American Cancer Society, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and American College of Radiology, that breast cancer yearly screening should begin at age 40, or even earlier if a woman is at greater risk for developing breast cancer. Talk to your doctor to determine your individual risk.

Age 40 and over

  • Annual mammogram
  • Annual clinical breast examination by a trained health care provider
  • Monthly breast self-examination

Age 20-39 (if no risk factors, most especially no family history)

  • Clinical breast examination every three years by a trained health care provider
  • Monthly breast self-examination

Know Your Risk Factors & How to Reduce Them

Assessing your risk factors will help you understand at what age your screenings should begin.  Talk to you doctor to determine what is right for you. 

Learn about Risk Factors for Breast Cancer