OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Called back for more testing?

Have you been called in for a "second look" following your screening mammogram?

Being asked to come in for a second test following your initial mammogram is a very common request. You are not called back because we think you have cancer.  You are called back because the radiologist wants to rule out whether or not an area has characteristics that would call for a biopsy. During your initial mammogram the mammography technologist checked to make the images were of acceptable quality for review by the radiologist.  The radiologist studied those first images, but would like to do more specific testing for further clarification of suspicious areas.  This testing may include specialized X-ray images performed by a mammography technologist or an ultrasound performed by the radiologist.  You will leave knowing your test results that same day.  Results may be: 

  • normal, no further testing needed
  • a biopsy is recommended
  • a short term follow up is recommended 

Please note that this "second look" is a separate exam and we will schedule you and register you again.


Have you been told you need a biopsy?

This means the radiologist wants to check for cancer cells by collecting a sample of the tissue or withdraw some fluid.   Your radiologist will choose one of three different biopsy methods: