OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Pregnancy and Childbirth

New Parents with Baby Few experiences compare to the joy of bringing a new baby into the world. Our OSF team knows that few moments in life are as memorable and treasured as the birth of a child. We want to celebrate this birthday with you and surround you and your family with the greatest care and love.

We celebrated more than 2,700 babies born at OSF Saint Francis Family Birthing Center in 2014! The experience and expertise we can bring to your delivery will assure you the safest and most rewarding outcomes.

Throughout these pages, we are sharing lots of information and opportunities for you to prepare for the birth of your child. We feel that the more prepared your are and the more you know about what to expect that the more smoothly your birthing experience will go.

We are honored that you are choosing OSF to share in this important and special time in your life. We look forward to meeting you, whether that be at a birthing class, a tour of our birthing center or upon your arrival for your child's birthday.

It's your Child's Birthday Celebration

We are honored to host your family's celebration. You can be assured we have thought of everything. All the right staff will be at your bedside ready to assist with every situation. Our top priority is the health and safety of you and your newborn so that the memories of this special celebration are ones to cherish. The venue for your birthday party offers many benefits:

  • love and concern for not only the mom and baby, but the whole family
  • comfortable, spacious, private birthing suite
  • on-site maternal fetal doctors, breastfeeding consultants, photographers, room service
  • immediate access to Children's Hospital specialists and Neonatal Intensive Care technology
  • a culture of education with staff devoted to practicing how to react in every situation
  • an advanced practice team that attends all C-sections and high risk births
  • committed to offering skin-to-skin breastfeeding in all birthing circumstances
  • committed to the view that "healthy┬ábabies are worth the wait"

What does all of this mean? It means that moms and newborns are being cared for with the greatest care and love by a team that makes health and safety a top priority in absolutely everything they do.

Our Family Birthing Center

We love caring for moms, babies and families. We are organized to best meet the many needs and stages throughout your journey of... pregnancy, delivery, recovery and caring for your newborn.

It can best be described as 7 main areas of care:

Educational Classes - before giving birth we have a wide variety of classes on many different topics; Lamaze, breastfeeding, multiples, preventing pre-term labor, refresher course, siblings, infant/child CPR and care seat safety Check out our calendar of events!

Antepartum - inpatient unit for moms admitted for bed rest or pregnancy complications

Maternal-Fetal Diagnostics - outpatient office for moms with high risk pregnancies to come for appointments with our maternal fetal doctors. These staff members and doctors are also very involved in the inpatient antepartum and labor and delivery areas. Learn more

Labor & Delivery - includes both the inpatient suites where mom's give birth as well as the triage units where pregnant moms are checked and supervised when they first come in with labor pains or concerns. Learn more about preparing for admission.

Mom/Baby Care - inpatient rooms where the moms and babies stay and are cared for until going home. This area includes the baby nursery.

Breastfeeding Resources - on-site breastfeeding consultants who assist immediately after birth and throughout the mom and baby's stay. Also includes an offsite, outpatient resource center for help in the months before birth and the days, weeks and months after returning home.

Neonatal Intensive Care Stabilization Nursery - a nursery in the labor and delivery unit where high risk babies are cared for if close observation is needed. A determination can be made whether the baby needs full time care in the Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care unit.

You and your family have chosen to have your baby at a leading birthing center

Only Level 1 Trauma Center (highest state designation)

Only Level 3 Regional Perinatal Center (highest state designation)

Only Level 4 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (highest state designation)

Only Maternal-Fetal Transport Team

Only Maternal-Fetal Diagnostic Center

Only Fetal-Care Center

Only dedicated Breastfeeding Resource Center

Only in-house OB Department

Only Advanced Practice Team to attend all C-sections and high risk births