OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois


We are passionate about breastfeeding and the wonderful start it gives your baby.  Through evidence and experience, we continually work towards the very best ways to help mom and baby be successful.  The earliest moments are a natural reaction instilled into your newborn.  We have seen the miracle in action and we look forward to helping you experience it, too.
Immediately after birth, there are two practices that we will help you with, if you so desire.  It is important that you speak with your delivery nurse and your doctor about your desire to do skin to skin and your wish to respect the golden hour.
Skin to Skin

Immediately after birth, your healthy newborn baby is placed on your chest between your breasts, bare skin to bare skin.  You and your baby will be covered with 2 blankets. You baby will wear a hat and diaper. Your baby may want to suckle and begin breastfeeding while in this position.  An experienced nurse or breastfeeding consultant will be with you to assist and explain.  Skin to skin is good for breastfeeding, bonding and the body temperature of your baby. 

The Golden Hour 
The first 60 minutes after birth have become known as the Golden Hour.  It is a crucial time for bonding and breastfeeding.  We have already told you about skin to skin and it is considered a key part of the Golden Hour. Respecting the Golden Hour also involves details such as;
  • doing the first physical checks of the newborn while he or she is on the mother's chest
  • delay weighing, measuring, bathing or blood tests on the newborn until after the first hour or the first breastfeeding
  • the newborn stays with the mother throughout her recovery period, whether that be after a C-section or a vaginal delivery  
  • a nurse or a breastfeeding consultant will help supervise throughout the entire golden hour in case the mother gets too sleepy and to monitor the mom and baby's safety