OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Preparing for admission

We believe the more you know what to expect for the labor and birth the better you will be able to deal with the challenges each may bring.  If you are experiencing the joys of childbirth for a second time around or more, we are happy to refresh your memory, as every pregnancy is unique as is the child.  We are committed to giving you an individualized birth experience for your child's birthday celebration.

Ways to prepare for your baby's birthday celebration

As an expectant parent you are probably feeling a mixture of excitement, anticipation and maybe even a little anxiety.  You may not be thinking of your birthing experience as a party, but our OSF Saint Francis Family Birthing Center team is dedicated to making it a warm, comfortable and celebratory experience.  

Ways to get ready for the first birthday party include:  

Tour the venue - Schedule a tour of our birthing center.  It is best to schedule 4-8 weeks prior to your delivery date (around your 7th month).  Our staff would love to meet you and answer any of your questions.  A birthing center nurse will help coordinate the best time for your visit. 
Call (309) 655-2727 today!

Practice can help the party go more smoothly  - Attend one of our many childbirth classes and be as prepared, ready and confident as possible. 8-10 weeks before your due date is the recommended timeframe to take a class. We have all types of classes, including your choice of a one-day baby boot camp, a weekend class or a 4-session course.  There are one-day childbirth refresher courses as well as specialized classes about how to prevent premature birth.  
Check out these classes on our classes and events calendar.  Schedule online today!

Decide what food will be served -  We are referring to breastfeeding, the very best nutrition and start for your baby. Preparing for breastfeeding and getting educated about what to expect will help your baby's first meals be a treat to remember. The breastfeeding consultants at our Breastfeeding Resource Center welcome and encourage you to take advantage of all they have to offer both before and after giving birth. The center provides a private and comfortable place to get fitted for a maternity bra, take their two part class while you are still pregnant or have a one-on-one pregnant mom consult.  Get a wealth of information and have your questions and concerns answered before the birth.
Sign up for the class online today or call 309-683-6672 to schedule your pregnant mom consult and bra fitting.

Preparing to bring the birthday girl or boy home - Do you have a going home outfit packed to bring to the hospital?  Do you have your car seat ready and know how to safely install it in your vehicle?  We offer a class you can take before the baby comes to learn the safest way to travel with an infant. Staff will be available to fit your infant into his or her car seat and answer any questions you may have. 
Check out this class on our classes and events calendar.  Schedule online today!

It's your party planning call

Some birthdays are a surprise and others are pre-scheduled inductions and C-sections.  All pregnancies and circumstances are different and the need for a pre-scheduled birth is decided upon with the help of your doctor.

The admission process is different depending on whether you are a scheduled or a non-scheduled birth.

Admission for Non-scheduled birthdays - 

When you are 30 days or less from your due date, it is important to call 309-683-6751 to pre-register.  The OSF registration person will collect the following information:

  • Basic name, address and social security number
  • Insurance info (ID number and group number)
  • Name of the doctor who will deliver the baby
  • Baby's pediatrician upon arrival
  • Mom's primary care doctor
  • 2 emergency contacts for the mom (name, work location, phone number)

Admission for Scheduled inductions and C-section birthdays - 

Two calls are involved:

1.   When you are 30 days or less from your scheduled birth, it is important to call 309-683-6751 for pre-registration. (see list above  - you will be asked for the same information as the non-scheduled moms)

2.  At least 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled induction or C-section your party planner (OSF scheduler) will call you. This is a mandatory pre-admission interview.  If you miss the call, please call back as soon as possible at 309-624-3208.   This is not for insurance purposes.  It is your chance to speak with a delivery nurse to answer all of your questions about what to expect with your C-section or induction.  
This nurse will collect the following information:

  • pregnancy/medical history
  • medications
  • allergies
  • birth plan 

A little person is about to enter your life and we consider every birth a blessed celebration of life. We are here to care for you during your pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy and birth at OSF Saint Francis Family Birthing Center.