OSF Saint Luke Medical Center

Kewanee, Illinois

Community Health

What is a Community Health Needs Assessment?

As part of the new requirements for not-for-profit hospitals, every facility is required to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years and put together a plan to meet the community needs that the assessment identifies.

Every community has different health care needs, including diabetes management, obesity and weight loss management, chronic illness, substance abuse, and more.

That's why our assessment team pulls together a broad set of health care consumers from each service area to help us identify the health needs of each individual community.

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment and Strategic Priorities

Three Strategic Priorities surfaced from the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment.  These re listed below with corresponding action steps.

Behavioral Health Services

OSF Medical Group-Kewanee (“Clinic”) is implementing a more comprehensive offering of Behavioral Health Services to better serve patients.  A counselor as well as an additional advanced practice nurse will be added to the team of providers in the Clinic.  Patients with a behavioral health diagnosis, who may benefit from counseling, will be offered the services through their primary care provider.  The warm hand-off provides for continuity of care and a smooth transition for the patient.  Patients may also schedule an appointment directly with the counselor.  The Clinic will continue to collaborate with Bridgeway as another resource for patients, particularly those in a crisis situation.  It is our goal to provide behavioral health services in a manner that the patient is well cared for in an environment that offers the patient respect and peace of mind. 

Wellness Education and Basic Wellness Services for all Residents

OSF Saint Luke continues to work through the Wellness Edge team to improve the health status of our Mission Partners, their families and our business partners.  Through a comprehensive program that includes Know Your Numbers, preventative testing, instructive guidance for diet and exercise the Wellness Team has decreased cholesterol and lowered the BMI (boy mass index) of the Mission Partners at OSF Saint Luke.  This continues to be a strong focus and will soon include our community members as well. 

This is the third year of offering the Wellness Edge for Kids, targeting at-risk youth in our community.  The OSF Saint Luke Wellness Team Leaders are working proactively with the Henry County Housing Authority to offer a Wellness Edge Camp for Kids that will focus on healthy eating and exercise.  The goal is to teach kids that eating healthy and gaining exercise through play can be easy and fun in any environment. 

Early Detection through Cancer Screenings          Mammogram Screeing for Early Detection

OSF Saint Luke continues to focus on awareness of the importance of timely mammograms and colonoscopies in order to save lives through early detection of cancer.  Education and awareness to our medical staff has occurred through medical staff meetings, outreach to the local independent providers, and direct mailings.  OSF Saint Luke has used social media, print ads and radio as well as sponsorship of events such as Volley for the Cure – to promote early detection.  Early spring the Community Relations Committee hosted a Farmer’s Breakfast and used the forum to discuss the importance of Colonoscopies.  Dr. Glassgow, a farmer’s daughter, presented to the group and shared a patient story of finding an advanced cancer.  Our team will continue to find “fun” ways to bring in the community in order to educate them on the importance of timely detection. 

The team continues to work on the ED Utilization project in order to move patients to a better venue for care such as the Clinic.  The team has been recognized by the Advisory Board as well as PRC for their groundbreaking work in this area.  The key has been ongoing case management and direct dialogue with our patients and their primary care providers.  The end result will be better care for our patients. 

Planning for Continued Local Availability of Services for the Elderly and Youth

Through joining the Ministry of OSF HealthCare, the Kewanee community has gained increased services in areas such as Cardiology and Urology.  OSF Saint Luke continues to partner with Great Plains Orthopaedic to provide orthopedic services.  This past year through the help of OSF HealthCare, OSF Saint Luke was able to recruit a new General Surgeon to secure that critical service for the community. 

The specialty clinic at OSF Saint Luke continues to grow and looks forward to bringing additional specialties to the Kewanee community.