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Cancer Care

Questions about COVID-19 and cancer?

From cancer prevention and screening, to diagnosis and treatment of the disease, the staff at OSF Saint Luke Medical Center can help patients throughout their entire journey.

Although cancer is a journey we hope no one has to take, our providers offer compassionate care combined with superior medical and technical services - all designed to help you face the physical and emotional demands of meeting this disease head on.

Prevention & Screenings

Early detection is the first step toward fighting many types of cancer. 

OSF Saint Luke Medical Center offers an array of imaging tests designed to locate and pinpoint any problem areas. 

For more information on various types of tests and equipment, view our available Testing and Diagnostics .  Your physician can help you determine whether a screening for a particular type of cancer may be beneficial.


Upon receiving news that cancer has been detected, the next step is treatment.  Our cancer specialists at the Illinois Cancer Center offer options for both radiation and chemotherapy. 

Nutrition and Cancer

 How does nutrition impact our risk for cancer?  What happens if I am diagnosed with cancer?  Will I need to follow a special diet?  Research shows a connection between nutrition and cancer, both for prevention and during treatment.  Test your knowledge of nutrition and its impact on cancer.  Take our quiz and expand your knowledge about the crucial link between how and what we eat and how it impacts cancer risks and treatments.


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