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Sleep Test

Catnap. Slumber. Snooze. Shut Eye. Whatever it’s called, sleep is critical to our health. And many of us just aren’t getting enough.

Sleep disorders, in fact, could be called a public health epidemic, (as many as  50-70 million Americans suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, often undiagnosed) You probably recharge your smartphone or tablet more than you recharge your body with a good night's sleep!

How is sleep studied?

A sleep study (called Polysomnography), is a test that records a variety of body functions during sleep: electrical activity of the brain, eye movement, muscle activity, heart rate, respiratory effort, air flow and blood oxygen levels.

These recordings are used to diagnose sleep disorders like sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy.

Do I need a sleep study?

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, please talk to your doctor about scheduling a sleep study:

  • Do you snore?
  • Is your snoring interrupted by silence or followed by a gasp or snort?
  • Do you ever fall asleep or doze while driving, at work or during waking hours?
  • Do you regularly have trouble concentrating or remembering?
  • Do you experience mood or behavior changes?
  • Do you often wake up with a headache?
  • Has your interest in sex declined?
  • Are you sleepy or fatigued during the day?

Apnea Link

Talk to your health care provider about our free screening tool, Apnea Link. This pre-screening device is taken home and worn overnight then brought back to us the next day for analysis. A report is given to your doctor who may recommend a sleep study if needed.

What should I expect during the sleep study?

  • Sleep studies are non-invasive and not painful. Our staff will apply sensors in various places around your head and body to monitor you while you sleep.
  • The presence of the wires and electrodes might make you uncomfortable and affect your sleep during the study. If you are feeling this way or if you have experienced skin irritation due to similar testing in the past, please tell the technologist so adjustments can be made.
  • Our sleep study room is equipped with a camera and microphone that allows you to communicate with our staff at any time during the study.
  • The room has a queen size bed with a television, a private bathroom, and you will be able to control the room temperature as well.
  • You may bring your favorite blanket or pillow from home to help you feel more comfortable.
  • Our professional, courteous staff will make every effort to assure your stay and study are as comfortable as possible.

OSF Saint Luke Sleep Lab

OSF Saint Luke Medical Center offers sleep disorder services in the Cardiopulmonary Services Department. Missy Monroe, a registered sleep technologist. cares for patients in a quiet, home-like setting. Appointments may be scheduled to suit each patient's needs.

Sabramanyam Chittivelu, M.D. of OSF St. Francis' Illinois Lung & Critical Care Institute provides polysomnography services for the Hospital.

How do I make an appointment?

A doctor's order and the history of your sleep issues are needed to make an appointment.

To schedule an appointment with a registered sleep technician, or for more information, please call (309) 852-7575

For more information on Sleep Studies, call (309) 692-5682.