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Big and Loud

Treatment options for Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders

Slow slurred speech. Slow shuffling walk. These are often effects of Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders. There may be no cure at this time. But there is treatment that has been called “simply amazing.“

For patients with a progressive neurological disease this can be the chance to take charge of the disease and your life. Our BIG and LOUD programs have been developed and scientifically researched over the past 20 years. Following treatment, patients often experience dramatic improvement in walking and speaking.

BIG (improving motor skills)

Patients with Parkinson’s may experience muscle rigidity, tremor, and slower (and smaller) movement. Which is why we need to think BIG!

You’ll find this treatment is both intensive and complex, but highly effective. You will repeat core movements used in daily living. This practice is improves learning and brings better movement into everyday life.

  • LSVT BIG™ therapy is a research-based approach that includes repetitive, exaggerated movements
  • Such treatment increases hormone production in the brain and recalibrates muscle function. 
  • Therapists model the structured movements while giving instructions such as “do what I do” or “move bigger”
  • This stimulates the brain and results in larger, more normalized movements by the patient

BIG™ is a standardized treatment protocol, administered in 16 sessions over four weeks (four individual 1 hour sessions per week).

LOUD  (improving vocal abilities)

Patients with Parkinson’s (or other disorders) may find their speech affected. You may now be speaking softly or in a hoarse or shaky voice. These effects may impair your ability to maintain relationships and converse with friends and family.

LOUD therapy has become the “gold standard” for patients with Parkinson’s. Voice is one of the few symptoms of the disease that can be controlled, giving patients the confidence and ability to be heard again.

  • During treatment intensive exercises are completed as the therapist cues the patient to simply “do what I do” or “be louder”
  • These exercises recalibrate your sensory system so you can monitor and analyze your own voice
  • The benefits of LOUD® can be many: improvement in voice quality, mouth opening, articulation, breath support, volume, facial expression, and overall intelligibility.  
  • Success will be highly dependent on your independent completion of home exercise

LSVT LOUD® is a standardized treatment protocol, administered in 16 sessions over four weeks (four individual 1 hour sessions per week.

Extraordinary skills,  Experienced Staff

Breanne Cinnamon, PT, DPT is the only physical therapist within a 40 mile radius of Kewanee who is certified in  LSVT BIG™ therapy.

Lisa Salisbury M.S., CCC-SLP/L, speech language pathologist, is certified to treat individuals with speech disorders related to Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders using the LSVT LOUD® modalities.

What about insurance?

This treatment is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies when provided by a certified therapist.

How to Reach Us

For more information, please call OSF Saint Luke Medical Center Rehabilitation Services at (309)852-7931.