OSF Saint Paul Medical Center

Mendota, Illinois

Visiting a Patient

We’re happy you are able to visit your loved one during his or her stay with OSF Saint Paul - and we welcome you with open arms to our hospital.

You help us to provide a warm and healing environment for our patients, as well as provide them with the comforts and support of home.

We have instituted some guidelines that we ask our guests to observe during your visit. And, we thank you in advance for helping us create a quiet and restful healing experience for all of our patients.

  • Limit your visit to a reasonable time.
  • OSF Saint Paul has QUIET TIME each day from 1 to 2 p.m., please schedule your visits accordingly.
  • Be considerate of the patients privacy when there is a procedure to be done.  When the physician steps in to visit, you may be asked to leave during his/her examination
  • Do not bring food or drink for the patient unless approved ahead of time.
  • We ask that you choose NOT to visit if you (adult or child) are feeling ill or if you have recently been exposed to a communicable disease.

If you are not physically able to visit a patient, you can easily let them know you are thinking of them and wishing them well by sending an eCard.

Should you need information or wish to contact a patient, we can be reached at (815) 539-7461.