Appointments in a Heartbeat

OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute is offering same-day general cardiology appointments in its Rockford-area locations for non-emergency visits. So if you don't want to wait, we can care for your heart health needs right away.

To make a same-day appointment, please call:

(815) 398-3000

Information about same-day appointments:

  • Same-day visits are for non-emergency conditions.
  • If you request a certain doctor, a same-day appointment could be limited.
  • Same-day appointments are not always guaranteed.
  • Priority is given to more urgent cases and patients that call prior to noon for an appointment.
  • Please review your benefits or call your insurance carrier’s member service team for any specific questions, including whether or not a referral is needed for a specialty appointment.
  • If your concern is urgent, please visit your nearest OSF urgent care facility.

What to expect when you call for a same-day appointment:

  • We will search our six locations throughout the Rockford-area for an appointment to suit your needs.
  • Please provide basic identifying information, such as address, phone number and insurance information. 
  • You will be asked questions regarding your symptoms to help find the most appropriate provider to care for you.
  • If you have a complex or chronic medical condition, your call may be triaged by a nurse, which ensures your doctor will receive adequate medical records and other information necessary to give you the best care.

Call today for your same-day appointment.

Call (815) 398-3000