OSF Home Care Services

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do guests park? Does it cost to park?

  • We have a large free parking area in front of the building that includes handicapped parking spaces. It is well-lit at night. Patients and guests may be dropped off under the covered copula before parking.

  • Do patients and guests have access to a telephone?

  • Yes. Each resident room has a phone and patients or guests may make local calls on it by dialing “9” to get an outside line. To make long-distance calls, callers will have to use a calling card or reverse the charges.

  • Are patients and guests allowed to use their cell phones?

  • Yes. Cell phone usage is permitted throughout the building.

  • Do patients and guests have access to a television?

  • Yes, each resident room has a television. Please refer to the television guide for specific channel information.


  • What are the operating hours at the OSF Richard L. Owens Hospice Home?

  • The OSF Hospice Home will operate 24 hours a day, but the lobby doors are only open to guests from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., seven days a week.

  • Is smoking allowed in the home or on the grounds?

  • No. All OSF HealthCare facilities and properties are no-smoking areas. This includes the grounds, parking lots and every area related to the facility. All patients, guests, employees and volunteers will need to leave the OSF grounds before smoking.

  • How do we reserve the private dining room for an event?

  • If you are interested in using this room to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday, please schedule this with the administrative assistant. The dining room has dishes, two microwaves, a warming sideboard, and coffee pot. You may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages. We do ask that you remove all food at the end of your gathering and make sure the area is returned to its original condition.

  • What is an Easy Lobby card and how do I get one?

  • Easy Lobby cards allow guests access to the building from 8 p.m. - 8 a.m. Guests in need of an Easy Lobby card will be asked to fill out an Easy Lobby information form and then be given a card. There is no limit to the number of cards for patient guests and they can be requested at any time during their stay. The administrative assistant (Room 171) can help any guests with Easy Lobby questions or needs.


  • Are bathing facilities available to guests who are staying around the clock with their loved one?

  • Yes. At the end of each wing is a visitor bathing room. Any guests staying around the clock with their loved ones are more than welcome to use this amenity. We provide soap and towels, as well.

  • Will guests have access to the building after hours?

  • Yes. After 8 p.m., guests can access the building by using their Easy Lobby card, or they may push the intercom button in the vestibule and a staff member or volunteer can allow them to enter.

  • Are guests permitted to bring in outside food?

  • Yes. While our chef is available to prepare meals for patients, guests are encouraged to bring in their own meals. A small refrigerator can be found in each resident room for patient and guest use.

  • Are laundry facilities available for guest use?

  • Yes. Room 117 is a visitor laundry room for any guests who are staying around the clock with their loved one. Laundry soap is provided, but we do request that guests clean the lint filter when finished and leave the room as you found it. Please do not leave your laundry unattended so others may use the laundry room.

  • Are pets of patients allowed to visit?

  • We do allow visits from most family pets. This visit must be scheduled in advance and coordinated with the nursing staff. These pets must be on a leash and are only allowed in the room of the person they are visiting. It is required that a form be filled out indicating the pet is current on their vaccinations and they must be clean and groomed. Some animals will not be allowed to visit based on their size or species. We do not allow snakes, rodents and similar species to visit because of the risk to others.

    There are OSF Hospice Home pet companions that will be at the home five days a week. These dogs and their owners have gone through a training program and are here for patients and guests to enjoy. If you or your guests have allergies or prefer not to be around animals, please let our staff know and we will restrict them from your room. For more information, please see the pet companion insert in this packet.


  • How do patients and guests call a nurse?

  • There are many ways to alert a nurse throughout the OSF Hospice Home. Patients and guests may push the button on their bed control. There are also locators that can be used to call for assistance throughout the building, including the chapel, family room, and even the garden. When patients leave their room, they have an option to wear a bracelet or necklace that they or family members can activate to call for assistance.

  • What religious services will be available in the Sacred Heart Chapel?

  • We are pleased to offer Mass every Sunday at 2 p.m. Other church services will be posted as they are scheduled. Patients who are unable to go to the chapel may attend from their resident room by turning to a designated station on their television. We do ask that you respect the chapel as a place of reflection and prayer and limit its use to church-related activities.

  • Are patients’ hair stylists and barbers allowed in the OSF Hospice Home to perform their services?

  • Yes. Patients may have their personal barber or hair stylist come in at any time.

  • Will the staff at the OSF Hospice Home do patient laundry?

  • Yes. Our staff and volunteers maintain laundry (both linens and personal belongings) for our patients. Patient clothing items brought in from home will be marked with their names upon admission. We use hypoallergenic soap for patients clothing items, but if they have a special need, please let us know.