OSF Home Care Services

Pet Companions

Web_Pet Companions.JPG Being in the presence of a pet companion has many benefits for hospice patients, including:

  • Decreased stress, anxiety and pain
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased social interaction

There are currently four pet companions volunteering their time at the OSF Hospice Home. All pets have gone through a training program, along with their owners. (If our patients or guests have allergies or prefer not to be around animals, we will restrict them from that patient’s room).

Meet the Companions

Click on a companion's picture below to learn more about them.

USE_Bailey.jpg   USE_Boggs.jpg   USE_Bria2.jpg   USE_Sir_William.jpg

Can My Pet Be a Pet Companion?

We appreciate interest in bringing new pet companions at the OSF Hospice Home, but we are currently not accepting new pet companions at this time.

Are Patients' Pets Allowed to Visit?

We do allow visits from most family pets. This visit must be scheduled in advance and coordinated with the nursing staff. These pets must be on a leash and are only allowed in the room of the person they are visiting.

Some animals will not be allowed to visit based on their size or species (we do not allow snakes and rodents, for example).