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USE_Sir_William.jpg Sir William

Breed: English Golden Retriever

Born: November 12, 2010

Weight: 73 lbs.

Owner/Guardian: Victoria

Breed Characteristics
English Golden Retrievers are purebred Golden Retrievers born outside of the United States and registered with the British Kennel Club. Easy to train and eager to please, they are excellent family companions, as well as service animals. That beautiful "golden smile" and gentle temperament melts the hearts of both children and seniors.

Fun Facts
Sir William is most notable for his beautiful white coat along with his sweet and kind manner. He loves long walks and being close to anyone who will offer to scratch and rub his belly. He prefers being a couch potato rather than fetching a ball. His favorite activity is being with his family or playing with children. Sir William is a certified therapy dog and loves to bring smiles to all whom he encounters.