Illinois Neurological Institute

Experts in Caring for Patients with Brain and Spinal Cord Conditions

Because the brain and spinal cord are so complex, caring for them sometimes requires many specialists to ensure our patients receive the best possible outcome. For example, a neurologist may be able to determine the effects of a stroke, but a surgeon may be needed to remove a blood clot or relieve swelling in the brain. Then, a psychologist may need to help a patient through a resulting depression. And a rehabilitation specialist can help the patient regain the motor skills the stroke damaged so she can tie her shoes and walk unassisted once again. At the Illinois Neurological Institute, we have specialists to help in all aspects of your care and recovery.

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General Neurology  

John Collins, MD
Carissa Gorham, APN
M. Teresa Fraser, MD
Maria Jankowska, MD
Shanta Mattai, MD
Emily McKenna, APN
Michelle Nice, APN
William Raino, MD
Cristin Rassi, APN
Monica Simionescu, MD
Sasikanth Gorantla, MD
Arkady Melikyan, MD

Headache & Craniofacial Pain 

Hrachya Nersesyan, MD
Sally Coyle, APN

Multiple Sclerosis 

Dennis Garwacki, MD
Reuben Valenzuela, MD

Neurology Residents

Christopher Abdo, MD
Javad Alam, MD
Yasmin Ali, MD  
Chike Ilorah, MD;
Editha Johnson, DO
Diana Londono, MD
Kavya Moravineni, MD  
Niral Patel, MD  
Gopi Patel, MD
Edward Pegg, MD
Deepak Reddy, MD
Elias Samaha, MD
Ali Saber Tehrani, MD
Manas Upadhyaya, MD
Swetha Vennavaram,MD
Daniel Young, MD



Neuro-Oncology/Brain Tumor   

Sarah Beam, APN
Andrew Tsung, MD

Complex Spine   

Jennifer Brown, APN
Dzung Dinh, MD, MBA
Daniel Fassett, MD, MBA
Jana Reed, APN
Todd McCall, MD


Cristin Rassi, APN
Julie Deibel, APN

Cerebrovascular Surgery   

Jan Boerke, APN
Jeffrey Klopfenstein, MD

Functional Neurosurgery

(surgical treatment of epilepsy, movement disorders and chronic pain/spasticity)

Patrick Tracy, MD

Pediatric Neurosurgery   

Anthony M. Avellino, MD, MBA
Julie Deibel, APN
Julian Lin, MD

Neurosurgery Residents

Sujit Bhimireddy, MD
Ahmad Issawi, MD
Kendrick Johnson, MD
Max Kahn, MD
Paul MacMahon, MD
Derek Martinez, MD
Dinesh Ramanathan, MD
Christopher Villar, MD
Daniel Vollhaber, MD

Non-Operative Spine   

Diana France, APN
Jianxun Zhou, MD, PhD
Lisa Snyder, MD
Frank Russo, MD
Jay Chang, Acupuncture