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Removing Brain Cancer Like No One Else Can

Introducing Advanced technology to give adult and pediatric brain tumor patients better outcomes and hope for a life free from cancer.

The question always looms for brain tumor patients after surgery: Did you get it all? Now, thanks to advanced intraoperative MRI (iMRI) technology, surgeons can see tumors in real time - something they have never before been able to do. As the second hospital in Illinois to offer this technology - and the only Illinois hospital with both an iMRI and a Gamma Knife at the same location - we offer adult and pediatric brain tumor patients access to technology available at very few other centers in the world.

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Surgeons a tOSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center now have the ability to assess your brain – mid-procedure – arming them with information that helps avoid critical areas of your brain. This advanced technology aids in decreasing the chances of injuring healthy brain tissue or leaving behind portions of a tumor.

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Brainsuite MR availability in the OR allows surgeons to perform basic intra-operative imaging as well as advanced imaging sequences, such as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and functional MRI (fMRI). These images create a precision roadmap so surgeons can easily distinguish where your tumor tissue ends and normal tissue begins, as well as identify critical functional areas and pathways within the brain, helping ensure that your tumor is more completely removed.

To request an appointment with our Brain Tumor Center team call 877-464-6670