Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Treatment is highly individualized at the INI Sleep Center. Careful attention is paid to each patient in order to meet their needs. Treatment options for sleep apnea include CPAP, with detailed attention to mask fitting and comfort, as well as oral appliances, surgery, and other alternatives. 

Many patients with insomnia are best treated without medication. The full range of treatment options, including behavioral treatment for children and adults, and medication when needed, are available.

An Accurate Diagnosis

The INI Sleep Center provides advanced diagnostic testing and treatment options for patients with all types of sleep disorders. State-of-the-art sleep testing in the sleep laboratory includes high resolution sleep monitoring with continuous digital audio/video recording. Sleep testing can be performed at night or in the daytime in order to meet the needs of patients according to their usual sleep times.

Home testing is available for some adult patients undergoing evaluation for obstructive sleep apnea. Testing is interpreted by board-certified sleep specialists with expertise in both the common sleep disorders (such as sleep apnea) and the uncommon (such as abnormal behaviors in sleep).  Additional neurological expertise in the diagnosis of epilepsy, movement disorders, and other conditions that might mimic or complicate a sleep disorder allows for the most accurate analysis of sleep testing.