What to Expect

About Our Delivery Rooms

The Birthing Center has four private labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum (LDRP) rooms, where moms typically spend their entire stay, from admission to discharge.

The LDRP rooms create a warm and relaxing environment and allow us to provide family-centered care, where you and your family are encouraged to spend time bonding with your newborn.

The rooms are designed to ensure modernized health care and safety for each patient.

They offer mothers and their babies the latest advances in comfort and care. Each LDRP room has a birthing bed, sofa bed for your support person, rocking chair, television, free Wi-Fi, a closet for you to store your items from home and a private bathroom.

We also have three additional antepartum/postpartum rooms, which are smaller but also equipped with similar amenities, should we need to make an LDRP room available for another mom in labor.

Nurse Navigators

The goal of the OB Nurse Navigator Program is to help expectant moms feel confident and comfortable before the big day arrives.

When an expectant mom chooses to join the program, she will be assigned her own personal nurse navigator. Beginning at 20 weeks the navigators act as a personal guide for expectant parents.

Leaving the Hospital

Before leaving the Family Birthing Center, your nurses will need an order from your obstetrician, and your baby’s pediatrician, to process all of the necessary paperwork.

We will give you special instruction and literature explaining what to expect over the next few weeks. All instructions will be reviewed to ensure your needs are met and questions are answered.

Medications will be called or electronically prescribed and sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

The entire discharge process will likely take several hours. We take the time to make sure you are fully prepared to go home with your new baby. Your nurse will check your baby’s identification tags for the medical record.

When you are ready to leave, your support person should bring the car to the front entrance of the hospital. You will be escorted in a wheelchair by a member of our staff. We will check the car seat prior to discharge.

We know the first few days and weeks after giving birth can be overwhelming.

We will continue to provide support and encourage you to call an OB Navigator, or the Birthing Center nurses, at (815) 842-4972.

Follow Up

The OSF Call Center will give you a follow-up call to check on you and your baby after you have been home for a day or so. You may also receive a follow-up call at a later point in time if you are enrolled in the OB Navigator Program.

In addition, the Family Birthing Center staff welcomes your calls at any time for help and advice on caring for yourself and your baby. In the days following your return home, you will receive a patient satisfaction survey.

We encourage you to take the time to return the survey. Our staff uses this feedback to improve care, address concerns and recognize employees who deliver exceptional service.