Circle App

You have a million questions. We have an app.

Being a new mom comes with a lot of questions. That's why OSF HealthCare, through OSF Innovation is offering Circle.

circle-app.jpg What is Circle by OSF?

Circle by OSF is a free mobile app that supports women through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.  We want to make it easier for patients to better prepare for child birth and parenthood, get linked to OSF resources and improve the overall patient experience. 

What type of information does it include?

The technology platform provides health-tracking tools that can be shared with providers during appointments; answers questions about pregnancy, babies and parenting through articles provided by the care team; offers information about local classes and community support services; and guides patients through every stage of pregnancy and childhood through a to-do checklist.

I'm not a new mom. How can this help me?

Circle by OSF continually refreshes its content, so moms can stay on top of the latest health care information there is about babies, young children and even teenagers up to 18 years old.

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