Education & Training

In addition to research-appropriate experience and qualifications, a working knowledge in the appropriate conduct of research is essential.

OSF HealthCare expects investigators and research staff to understand and comply with federal, state and local laws, regulations and guidance that apply to their research.

This is accomplished through continuous education and training resources offered through a variety of providers and methods.

Required Training

At a minimum, all investigators and staff participating in the conduct of research for OSF HealthCare are required to complete web-based training through the services of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program .

CITI Program is a nationally recognized and well known resource for research education and training.

The CITI Program training courses required by OSF cover four core areas:

  1. Human subjects research
  2. Good clinical practice
  3. Responsible conduct of research
  4. Conflicts of interest

For additional information and details on CITI Program training requirements for OSF, please review the FAQs and Instructions.

Additional Training

In addition to the required CITI Program training courses, there are also a variety of other free training and education opportunities available, both independent and through OSF: