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Intrathecals for Pain Management

At OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group, we offer a variety of pain management options that can help ease your experience.

A common option is spinal intrathecals, which offers safe, effective relief from pain during delivery.

What is an Intrathecal?

Also called spinal analgesia, intrathecal involves a one-time injection of pain medication into the spinal fluid to help control labor pain

How is it Administered?

An intrathecal involves a one-time injection of pain mediation into the spinal fluid to help control labor pain. The procedure is done at the bedside by an anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist. Within minutes, delivering mothers notice a significant decrease in labor pains.

How Does it Work?

Women who have an intrathecal experience less pain and tend to deliver more quickly than women who don't have an intrathecal. When the pain of childbirth is managed, delivering mothers are better able to relax and focus on having a smoother delivery. In most instances, an intrathecal provides all the pain relief you will need for delivery.

Is it Safe?

Intrathecals are very safe and are used at hospitals and health centers across the country. They can be administered quickly and easily. Also, because it is placed in your spinal fluid, your baby will not receive any of the medicine.

Intrathecal vs. Epidural

An intrathecal is similar to an epidural, but safer and works faster.

Intrathecal provides effective pain control while still allowing mothers to actively participate in the birth of their baby. With an epidural, the mother is completely numb from the waist down.

Labor is often longer because she cannot feel when she needs to push. Epidurals also carry a higher risk of the pregnancy ending in a C-section.