OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Bloomington, Illinois

Heart Surgery

At OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, we are at the heart of innovation and excellence in cardiovascular surgery.

The best heart care blends excellence and innovation, day in and day out, and that's just what OSF St. Joseph Medical Center provides. At the medical center, breakthrough treatments save lives and improve outcomes. Minimally invasive procedures make hospital stays shorter and recoveries quicker. This means our patients get back to their lives and the people they love quicker.

There are several qualities that set our cardiac and vascular surgeons apart from the rest. Dr. Jesse VanLe and Dr. G. Bradley Smith build a trusting relationship with each patient by fully communicating each step of the procedure. Their empathetic approach reassures each patient, relieving any anxiety he or she may be experiencing. Time and time again, patients attribute their quick recoveries to the compassionate care each surgeon provides.

The forward thinking approach at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center strengthens hearts and safeguards futures. If you or your loved ones need heart care, we have the options and expertise you need - including the region's finest cardiac and vascular physicians, the latest technology, cardiac subspecialties and hundreds of other resources to heal your heart.

Services Offered

Diagnostic Services

OSF St. Joseph offers a number of diagnostic procedures that help determine your heart health and uncover any problems. Click here to learn more about the cardiovascular diagnostic services offered at OSF St. Joseph.

Surgery Services

Based on your symptoms and results from screenings, your provider may request further testing. Click here to learn more about the cardiovascular surgical services offered at OSF St. Joseph.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

What happens after a heart attack? If you or someone you love has survived a heart attack, you'll want to learn all you can to prevent another one. Click here to learn more.

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HeartCare Midwest

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