OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

While You Are Here

This page goes over what you may want to know while you're here, including our visitors' policy, security, pain control, continuity of care, and meals.

Security, Safety, & Access Code

For the protection and safety of our patients, our Birthing Center is locked at all times. For the safety of your baby, he or she will wear a security bracelet on his or her ankle or wrist. If the bracelet is tampered with, or if a baby is too close to the doors, alarms will sound, making entering and exiting temporarily unavailable until staff have evaluated the situation.

An access code for direct entry into the unit will be given to the mother/support person. This access code will be obtained upon admission to the Birthing Center. When you are discharged, your code will be deactivated. If the access code is being misused in any way, the Birthing Center staff reserves the right to have the code deactivated at any time without notice.

Visitors will need to ring the bell near the doors of the unit, and our Birthing Center staff will let them in. To learn more about our visitors' policy, please click here .

For Your Safety & Confidentiality

  • You are allowed three visitors in your room during labor. During delivery, you are allowed two visitors in the room. Your support person is considered one of the visitors. To learn more about our visitors' policy, please click here .
  • For C-sections, only one visitor is allowed in the operating room.
  • During labor, you will most likely only be allowed to eat ice chips. Food could upset your stomach. To know more, we suggest you talk with your physician.
  • Your support person is the only person allowed to spend the night.
  • All visitors must wait in one of the Birthing Center waiting rooms. They are not allowed to linger in the Birthing Center hallways during your labor process or delivery.
  • Visitors with infections (colds, flu, and exposure to communicable diseases) will be discouraged from visiting the Birthing Center. This will help protect you and your baby's health.
  • Patient bathrooms are for patient use only. Public restrooms are located in the Birthing Center.

Labor & Delivery

The Birthing Center has 15 large, private labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum (LDRP) rooms, where moms spend their entire stay, from admission to discharge.

With all of the amenities of a hotel suite, the LDRP rooms create a warm and relaxing environment. LDRP rooms allow us to provide family-centered care, where you and your family are encouraged to spend time bonding with your newborn.

The rooms are designed to ensure modernized health care and safety for each patient, in a home-like environment. They offer mothers and their babies the latest advances in comfort and care.

Each LDRP room has a birthing bed, sofa bed for your support person, gliding chair, television, free Wi-Fi, a closet for you to store items you brought from home, desk area, and side tables. Each room also has special lighting and the latest technology discretely tucked away and available at a moment’s notice.

Surgical Suite

The Birthing Center is equipped with two state-of-the-art surgical suites, housing all of the technology and equipment needed to perform cesarean sections. If you deliver by cesarean section, you will be moved from your LDRP room to one of our surgical suites and return to the same LDRP room following recovery.

Pain Control Options

While no childbirth is completely pain-free, the Birthing Center and McLean County Anesthesiology offer a full range of pain control options, including epidural analgesia, to help make childbirth as comfortable as possible. You may request pain relief with medications or epidural analgesia, or you may prefer to use measures such as relaxation, breathing, focusing, massage, shower, a tub, position changes, and a birthing ball.

Your physician or our anesthesiologists will discuss with you the different types of anesthesia that may be given during labor and birth, including intravenous or intramuscular medications and regional anesthetics such as epidural anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. We offer 24-hour anesthesia support provided by board certified anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists. Please discuss options with your physician to help select which method will best suit you and your baby.

Continuity of Care

At the Birthing Center, our care revolves around meeting your individual needs with an emphasis on providing the education and support needed to welcome your new baby into your life. For your privacy and safety, you are allowed three visitors in your room during labor. During delivery, you are allowed two visitors in the room. Your support person is considered one of the visitors. We also encourage you to call the Birthing Center or ask your OB Nurse Navigator for our policy on cameras during labor and delivery.

During delivery, your nurse, a nurse for the baby, your physician, and an OB tech to assist your physician will be in the room. One or two nurses will be in the room with you for one to two hours after you give birth. This is to ensure you and the baby are recovering properly. Also, after delivery and throughout your stay, our housekeeping staff will clean your room daily. We do our best to offer our patients mother-baby care. Mother-baby care is the same nurse taking care of you and your baby.

Nurses work 12-hour shifts, so another nurse will care for you after a shift change. To help ease the transition of care, our staff will conduct bedside reports. During a bedside report, your nurse from the current shift will bring the nurse from the next shift in the room to discuss your care. The nurses will discuss how your day has been and important information about your delivery. This allows for you to be involved in your care and to set goals with each nurse.


We offer room service for your meals. A menu will be in your room, and regular menu items can be ordered through Food Services from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. To place an order, please dial extension 3663 (FOOD). Your support person may order meals through room service but must pay with cash or check.